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Paragon Design + Build offers a full spectrum of Design Solutions to the Single-family, Multi-family and Commercial Tenant Improvement Markets. At Paragon we pay attention to the finer design details while maintaining the grand vision you have in mind for your residential or commercial space. We work tirelessly to create a phenomenal space for you that not only look’s great but is also functional. Whether it’s creating something new or adding a burst of flair to the old, our belief is to create spaces that make you want to stay awhile longer.



Versatility is the key to our success in residential interior design. Our range of services will be tailored to meet your specific preferences. Our experience and imagination applied to your project will exceed your expectations, and for less than you may think.

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We work with you to create a functional and stylish layout for your home or business. Most importantly, we first listen to you to learn what you really want and need.

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We provide all professional general contracting and construction management services. This means Paragon Design Group can take you from conceptual design to nuts and bolts construction without any need for you to take a chance with an outside contractor. We ensure not only a job exceptionally done, but also the smoothest ride possible to get there.

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