Treat Your Windows Right

May 30th, 2014



Beautiful window treatments can make all the difference to any room. Window coverings are essential for blocking out light, saving energy, maintaining your privacy and can easily help turn a room from drab to divine. Whether you have a new or existing home the task of designing and specifying window treatments can be daunting.

Today I want to help you work through the process and teach you the simple ways to infuse some wow into those windows without the stress. The first step is to identify the two types of window treatments you may need. Hard Window Coverings are the functional window coverings such as wood blinds, faux wood blinds, roller shades, shutters or silhouettes. Soft Window Coverings are the decorative treatments made out of fabric such as valances, sheers, drapes or side panels.

Both types of window coverings work to block the sun from creating glare (example - on flat screen tv’s, computer monitors or in the kitchen when dining) while keeping you nice and cool in the summer and giving you the privacy you need in the bedroom and bathrooms. With the added insulation that window treatments provide your heating bills could also be considerably smaller during those cold Canadian winters that we’re accustomed to.

Soft Window Coverings is where the wow factor really enters in. Some points to consider when deciding where to add soft window treatments; do I need a pop of color and texture, do I need to add some warmth and softness and will they need to be functional as well as decorative. Any soft window treatment can be lined for privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms and unlined in more public spaces to allow natural light. 

Window treatments can bring a touch of color and texture to any room. Depending on their style and pattern you create as much drama as you are after or simply have them complete the look of your design. Something that is still considered a luxury by many but actually becoming more prevalent in the residential marketplace is Motorized Window Treatments. The cost of motorized window treatments has dropped significantly over the past few years thanks to technological advancements and growing competition between manufacturers.

Windows can easily be hard-wired during the electrical rough-in phase as long as proper planning is taken during a renovation or new construction. There is also a battery option if you simply want to upgrade your existing window coverings or already have a finished space. Let Paragon Design Group show you how!  All that’s left for you to decide is if you want to operate them by wall switch or remote control.

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